“I was having trouble with sore nipples and painful breastfeeding because of Rose’s shallow latch.  You were able to pinpoint the problems we were having right away.  You gave me specific things to continue and things to do differently to improve Rose’s latch and to decrease my discomfort.  Several of your ideas were the opposite of what I was doing, and I’m so glad you offered them because I was headed down the wrong path.  It was so helpful to have advice tailored to my own nursing problems.  Before you came over, I was watching youtube videos and guessing what I could do to alleviate my pain.  After you came, I felt confident going forward with your advice.  This took away the fear and frustration that was building in the back of my mind.  Within 24 hours I noticed less pain when nursing. You listened to all of my concerns, questions, and ramblings.  You thoughtfully answered my questions and made me feel like I wasn’t crazy.  You were so sweet to check in on me in the days following and see how everything was going.  Also, you were assertive enough to offer me help without being at all pushy. I would recommend you as a doula or for help breastfeeding to anyone who is interested in those services, or is having concerns about child birth or difficulty breastfeeding.  You have a kind and patient personality that would put anyone at ease.  You are very informed on childbirth and breastfeeding, and I know you would be a wonderful advocate for any mother.
I really am so thankful for the help you gave me.”

Mary Anderson, Mother of 5